Episode 91: Sarah Rucker - Texas Folklife

hey everyone! i hope you're well. i conducted the interview for episode 1 of this podcast ONE YEAR AGO TODAY with my first guest, suzanna choffel. the interview came out on august 10th but i did the interview on the 3rd. so, it's the beginning of our anniversaries. next week, the show is 1 year old and in a few weeks we hit episode 100!!! thank YOU for listening, telling your friends and for all the support. i'm looking forward to more years of great guests and conversations.

my guest for episode 91 is the lovely and extremely cool, sarah rucker. sarah isn't a musician, she works on the side of the industry that we don't normally get to see. she works for texas folklife, a non-profit that helps, supports and exposes traditional art (music, art, dance). hence, keeping those traditions alive. when i met sarah around 8 years ago, she was a volunteer street team member that might not have even been 20 years old. over the last few years, she worked her way into the business and stayed a huge fan and is now a respected member of the music community and i think that's really cool. plus, sarah is a great hang. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.

ciao! -jg

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