Episode 93: Mike Mcarthy - Producer (spoon, girl in a coma, patty griffin)

happy birthday to us!

this episode features a special phone message song from nina from girl in a coma. it's sweet. thank you nina!

on august 11th, 2011, we debuted episode 1: suzanna choffel. our listenership keeps growing. it's all very exciting and i'm very happy to be doing this. i would like to thank everyone who has helped and been a guest and to all of you who listen to this and get something out of it. i do. doing this podcast has brought me a lot of happiness and comfort. really. thank you again for listening. i love you guys!

my guest for episode 93 is producer/engineer/studio owner and now record label owner, mike mcarthy. i started working with mike around 15 years ago. he was helpful in my former band, goudie, getting it's sound and he produced our first album, peep show. after that album, mike went on produce 4 albums for spoon, 5 albums with ...and you will know us by the trail of dead and albums for patty griffin, girl in a coma, craig finn and many, many more. i went to mike's studio to do the interview. the studio is amazing with an incredible collection of mics and vintage gear and keyboards, pianos... everything you need to make an badass record. plus, the brilliant, mike mcarthy. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.

ciao! -jg

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