From The Vault - Episode 1: Suzanna Choffel 8/10/2011

Hello and welcome to How Did I Get Here? From The Vault! Just like the title says, we'll be digging into our vault from the last 9 years, pulling out an old episode and shining it up for you. Today, August 10th, 2020 is actually our 9th anniversary. Happy birthday! So what better place to start than with episode 1 from August 10th 2011 with guest, Suzanna Choffel! This one is interesting on a lot of levels because Suzanna's life has changed immensely since this interview. She moved to NYC, went on The Voice, moved back, had two kids, became a Sun Radio Deejay. But back in 2011, she was putting out music, touring and looking for a break. I hope you enjoy this episode From The Vault, Episode 1: Suzanna Choffel. Let's get down!

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