From The Vault - Episode 184: Death (7/2/13)

Hello and welcome to How Did I Get Here? From The Vault! Today we go back to episode 184 for a great conversation with legendary punk rock pioneers, Death originally released on July 2nd 2013! Below are my original notes form the show. 

My guests for episode 184 are the band, Death. Death has an incredible story. so incredible that they have had a documentary made about them that opened last Friday, 6/28. The documentary, "A Band Called Death", tells the story of three brothers in the early 70's in Detroit, playing a style of music way ahead of it's time. A style of music we would come to know as PUNK. My friend Bevis Griffin, who works with the band, invited me out last week to see a special screening of the documentary and watch a special performance by the band. The movie is amazing, their performance was awesome and I got to hang out with them and they're great guys going through an exceptionally unique situation and experience. I got to sit down with the guys the day before the movie opened I think you're really going them. Here's a link to the trailer and the story. you should go see this movie...

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