From The Vault - Episode 27: Tim Palmer (11/30/2011)

Hello and welcome to How Did I Get Here? From The Vault! Today we go back to episode 27 for a great conversation with legendary producer/mixer, Tim Palmer originally released on November 30th, 2011! Below are my original notes form the show. 

I am honored to have Tim Palmer as my guest for episode 27. I didn't know Tim. I found out that he lived here from his work with Blue October and I emailed him on Facebook. A "cold call", if you will. I asked if he'd be interested in sitting down and telling me his story and he was very nice and said "yes!". So, we met at "Jim's" the breakfast place that my grandparents love. Tim told me about how he started out as a guitar player/singer in a punk band then went on to follow his interest in recording and went from "tea boy" to assistant engineer to co-producing Kajagoogoo... then going on to work with Robert Plant, Tin Machine, Pearl Jam, U2, Ozzy, Blue October and even a 2-day stint on the infamous Guns & Roses album, "Chinese Democracy"! I had a blast having breakfast and talking to him. I hope we can do it again. Enjoy my conversation with the extremely talented and gracious, Tim Palmer.

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