From The Vault - Episode 308: Tommy Taylor (9/12/14)

Hello and welcome to How Did I Get Here? From The Vault! Just like the title says, we'll be digging into our vault from the last 9 years, pulling out an old episode and shining it up for you. Today we go back to September 12, 2014 with legendary drummer, Tommy Taylor! Below are my original notes from the show.

My guest for episode 308 is legendary drummer, Tommy Taylor. I'm sure you've heard Tommy play he's the drummer on the Christopher Cross album with "Ride Like The Wind" and he's played with Eric Johnson for decades. I met Tommy when I was 16 years old. He's always been a great hang and such a great talent. I got to jam with him a lot in the 90's when he played in the "Sunday Monsters" at Steamboat with Stephen Doster and Will Sexton. I've been trying to get Tommy on the show since I started it. I know he started playing in bands here in Austin when he was just a teenager. He ended up playing with Christopher Cross when he was 20, won Grammys. toured the world, played on all the tv shows, went on to play with Eric Johnson, on Spotify alone, songs he's played on have been played over 15 million times. It was an honor to sit down and chat with such an amazing part of rock and roll history. I hope you enjoy our conversation. I did. Let's get down!


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