From The Vault - Episode 63: BoDeans (04/20/12)

Hello and welcome to How Did I Get Here? From The Vault! Today we go back to episode 63 for a great conversation with Kurt Neumann from BoDeans originally released on April 20, 2012! Below are my original notes form the show. 

My guest for episode 63 is, Kurt Neumann from BoDeans. I was really looking forward to meeting Kurt as i have been a BoDeans fan since their first album, Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams in 1986. Kurt came by the apartment last week to talk to me about the BoDeans' new album, American Made which comes out on June 12th. While he was there we discussed his upbringing in Wisconsin, the origin of the BoDeans, and his journey through the ever-changing business of rock and roll. I was really glad we were able to sit down and talk. BoDeans came into my life when music was taking on a whole new meaning. Music was shaping me and keeping me sane at the same time and Kurt's band was an important part of that. You can find out everything you need to about the BoDeans and their new album and lengthy summer tour at I hope you enjoy our conversation. I did.

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