Tony Scalzo and Miles Zuniga from Fastball Discuss Definitive Versions of Songs!

Hello friends! Welcome to a special episode of "How Did I Get Here?". A few months ago, Tony Scalzo and Miles Zuniga from Fastball were asked to record some comments about definitive versions of songs for a Spotify playlist. They invited me to be a part of that conversation and we kept a fun and unedited version for "How Did I Get Here?". So we did. We discuss songs like "You Really Got Me" and wether The Kinks' or Van Halen have the definitive version. We talk about other songs "Hallelujah", "How Can You Mend Broken Heart" and more. Fastball has had a great year. Their amazing new album, Step Into The Light has been doing really well and they've been on tour of the U.S. all summer. They'll be playing tomorrow night, Friday, December 1st at Antone's here in Austin. Find out when they're coming to a town near you by going to I hope you enjoy our chat about music. Please let us know by leaving us a comment here or on our Facebook page.

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