Episode 18: Kathy Valentine (The Go Go’s , The Bluebonnets)

hey everyone!  i have been in tech-hell for the last two days. first of all, when i was working on this episode yesterday, something went crazy with my garageband program, then something went crazy with my hard disk recorder, but then it fixed itself. i got to my hotel last night after my gig and the internet connection was so slow, i just went to sleep and started putting it together again this morning.... anyway, now it's 3:21 p.m. and i have to go load in soon. this hotel has terrible hi-speed internet. i can't believe i'm paying $18 dollars for this shit!

my guest for episode 18 is kathy valentine from the go go's and the bluebonnets. kathy and i met around 6 or 7 years ago. i first met her when i opened for her. we became friends and stayed in touch. when she moved to austin, i played with her and then last year, i started an all-girl band with me as the singer and kathy was the guitar player. i have always been a fan of the go go's. i feel like i come from their family tree in music. my girlfriend and i got to see them on their last tour. they were amazing! so, i was glad that kathy was able to come over and open up about her carreer and who she is and how she got here... i hope you enjoy my conversation with my friend., kathy valentine.

ciao! -jg

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