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Episode 477: Bruce Sudano

Friday Apr 01, 2016

Friday Apr 01, 2016

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well out there in the world. i'm good. i have a busy day of running errands, laundry, writing two songs and of course, this podcast. i'm headed to vegas tomorrow to play a show with skyrocket. should be fun. i'm bringing my recording gear just in case i can interview donny osmond or an elvis impersonator. i hope you guys have a good weekend. 
my guest for episode 477 is legendary singer/songwriter, bruce sudano. i caught up with bruce when he was in town for sxsw promoting his gorgeous new album, the burbank sessions. his illustrious career spans five decades starting with the band, alive n kickin' in the late 60's, then his r&b band in the early 70's, brooklyn dreams hooked up with donna summer and wrote and performed, "heaven knows" with the disco star. he ended up marrying donna summer and going on to write "bad girls" with her among many other songs. he work on and in films like, "thank god it's friday", "american hot wax" and "hollywood knights". his latest album, the burbank sessions is absolutely gorgeous. he's still making music that is relevant because it's honest, the expression is raw and real and he is just a bad-ass songwriter. check him out at he'll be on tour in may. i hope enjoy getting to know this amazning artist/person. i sure did. let's get down!
ciao! -jg

Friday Dec 04, 2015

hello friends! i hope you've all had a great week and are heading into the weekend with purpose. i'm good. still stopped up from having a cold but i feel a lot better. i had a great time moderating the austin music foundations's "expanding your horizons" booking panel on wednesday. i recorded it for a podcast, but there was so much interaction with the audience, who didn't have microphones, that  we can't put it out. next time. anyway, it was informative and i suggest that if you're a musician here in austin, you check out the austin music foundation. they can help you find your way.episode 422 is a double-header skype show! first up, i have a great chat with tommy siegel from brooklyn based band, narc twain. their new e.p. is out today. check them out on soundcloud. we have a great conversation about the band and how they came together, his other bands, drunken sufis and jukebox the ghost, what the brooklyn scene is like and much, much more. next up i talk to phoenix, arizona'a own sam means! sam's newest album, "10 songs" produced by steven macdonald from redd kross, doesn't come out until january 22nd, but you can check out some tunes from the album and find all things sam at sam and i have a great conversation about his old band, the format with nate ruess from the band, fun.,  scoring movies, his company hellomerch,com, how he's not fronted a band live but is willing to try and much, much more! i had a great time talking to these guys. i'm sure you will too. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Episode 380: The Big Fix

Friday May 22, 2015

Friday May 22, 2015

hello friends! i hope this show finds you all out there, fighting the good fight just like the canadian rock-trio, triumph told you to. i'm good. i have a week off from skyrocket, so i've been working on some songs, getting some podcasts done, working on the show a bit. i have a solo show next thursday, 5/28 at the 502 bar in san antonio. i'll be opening for my friend, joseph king and his band of lunatics from nyc. should be fun. check out the event page for times and address. my guest for episode 380 is my old friend and former bandmate, nathan harlan who has a new band, the big fix. in 2003, i joined a band that nathan co-fronted called, endochine. i left the band in 2004 because my life was literally falling apart. they went on for a few months after but soon called it quits. i didn't see nathan much for the last decade... well, we fixed that with this show. nathan came by and we talked about our time in endochine, his move to new york, wriitng, acting and working on films, the decision to put a new band together, the big fix and much, much more. they have some music up at their site, i had a great time catching up with nathan. i'm glad he's making new music. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Friday Mar 27, 2015

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well. i am. life is getting back to normal in my post-sxsw world. i'm heading out to play shows with skyrocket this weekend, getting back to practicing with my band, johnny in the ladies room, putting these podcasts together, exercising and eating. normal stuff. anyway, i've been working on some new songs too. that's been fun and totally frustrating. we'll see what happens with these songs.episode 364 is a double-header with brooklyn dream pop/shoegazers, lazyeyes and nashville indie rockers, bad cop. first up, lazyeyes comes in and we have a great conversation about everything... nu-metal, frosted tips, tacos, making music in the big apple and much, much more. then, nashville's bad cop stops by and we have a great conversation about the nashville rock scene, how the new line-up got together, their many e.p.'s, jeffery drag records and much more. both bands are amazing. i highly suggest buying them or checking them out on spotify. i hoe you enjoy getting to know lazyeyes and bad cop. i sure did. let's get down! ciao! -jg

Episode 307: Paul Oveisi

Tuesday Sep 09, 2014

Tuesday Sep 09, 2014

hello friends! i hope you're all dealing with the end of summer with grace and a nice tan. i wanted to swim today, but i've been inside doing a podcast, working on shows i recorded last week and getting ready to run to a session with a guy i'm producing a song for. then later tonight, i'm playing my last "johnny goudie & friends" summer residency at strange brew. i'm going to miss playing there every week. you get spoiled in a room like that. everyone that works there is totally cool, it's artist oriented and it's so nice to play a listening room. anyway, i have a great show tonight, tuesday, september 9th at 8 pm at strange brew lounge side. my guests are, ryan holley, joe reyes and kathy valentine!!!!!! kathy doesn't do acoustic shows so this is a rare treat. come out and see all of these great artists and celebrate my last show of this super fun guest for episode 307 is my dear old friend, former momo's owner, paul oveisi! momo's and it's owner were an incredibly important part of the music austin scene during the time it was open. paul wasn't just a club owner, he helped form bands, (the heathens, the coveters) he managed bands (dan dyer, the heathens) he encouraged a culture of community around momo's by having late night jams, suggesting collaborations and of course giving musicians work. paul moved to new york around three years ago with his girlfriend, suzanna choffel and his absence and the closing of momo's have left a hole in what some see as a scene that has not changed for the better. he opened a place in manhattan called, zirzamin which was destroyed by hurricane sandy a couple of months after i played there. anyway, he's moved on to restaurants and he's as interesting and entertaining as ever. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i sure did. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Episode 300: Highlights

Friday Aug 15, 2014

Friday Aug 15, 2014

hello everyone! welcome to episode 300! i want to thank everyone who has helped out with the podcast namely, jake weiser, all of the publicists, managers and people who hook me up with bands. i'd like to thank the musicians and artists that take the time to talk to me. i'm still getting so much out of doing this show. most of all, i'd like to thank you guys for listening. i'm looking forward to getting to episode 400. who will i meet along the way?episode 300 has some excerpts of great conversations from the last hundred episodes. this episode includes bits of my conversations with bp fallon, kelley mickwee, billy harvey, adrian quesada (spanish gold), mike flanigin, ume and the mastersons! i hope you enjoy these conversations! i did. i love talking to people. thank you guys so much for listening. episode 301 comes out tuesday. let's get down! xoxo, jg

Thursday Aug 14, 2014

hello my friends! wow! we made it to 200 episodes! can you believe it? well, i don't really know where to start... i'd like to thank sheboygan for the theme song. they have an album coming out this month and they'll finally be guests very soon. i would like to thank all of the guests that have taken time out to meet with me and have a conversation. these last 100 shows were very fun and exciting. if you haven't heard them, check out this episode, you'll get a taste of them. most of all, i'd like to thank YOU, the listener for listening. you make this show possible. THANK YOU. i'm looking forward to the next 100 episodes. are you?episode 200: highlights is the "best of" the last 100 episodes. in this episode, you'll hear from bob schneider on cleaning up, ian mclagan on groupies in the 70's, producer, c.j. eiricksson talks about working with hanson, glen phillips talks about a new album from toad the wet sprocket, lance keltner talks about giving rod stewart a suggestion and getting fired for it, steve poltz talks about laughing at really bad news, elizabeth mcqueen talks about the beatles, joanna barbera talks about being out of place in arizona, nakia and a.j. vallejo talk about racism in the south and the band death talk about their next move.... all good stuff! thank you again for listening. we couldn't do it without you. xoxo, jg

Wednesday Aug 13, 2014

hey everyone!!! welcome to episode 100! thank you so much to everyone who has helped, supported, come by and talked to me and listened! thank you so much for listening. i'm looking forward to the next 100!this episode features highlights from the first 100 episodes and a quick talk with todd v. wolfson about my experience doing this. this show includes excerpts of my conversations with suzanna choffel, dony wynn, ian moore, fastball, dale dudley, kathy valentine, tim palmer, alpha rev, will sexton, alejandro escovedo, bodeans, billy harvey and david grissom. i hope you enjoy these these highlights as much as i do. thank you again.ciao! -jg

Monday Aug 11, 2014

hello friends! welcome to episode 299: songs from the podcast! i get turned on to a lot of amazing music through this podcast. i get to hear some great music for the first time from doing this show. well, i would like to share some the music that i got turned on to through the podcast over the last hundred episodes. there is so much music that i can't put it all in the mix so i chose some songs that i have been listening to since i first heard them on the podcast. i hope you dig it. the playlist has music from ume, dana falconberry, salim nourallah, scorpion child, joseph king, leopold and his fiction, dupree, the mastersons, the soft white sixties, arp, spanish gold and sheboygan. i made a spotify playlist called, "how did i get here?" here's a link spotify playlist i want you guys to make your own spotify playlists and share them on our facebook page. i hope you enjoy this playlist i made for you. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Friday Jul 11, 2014

hello friends! i am writing you, appropriately, with my dogs laying their heads on my lap. it's an amazing feeling. i don't live with my dogs anymore, but i share custody with their mom since we broke up and when she goes out of town, i stay with them and we have a blast. anyway, they're big dogs and they're rescues. they've brought their mom and me more joy than you can imagine. on the show today, i have a quick conversation with dr. ellen jefferson form austin pets alive!. i was asked to be in their "music and mutts" campaign and after i did the photo shoot, dr. jefferson asked me if i would want a tour of the facility. i did. i was touched and amazed by the hard work put in by all of the staff and volunteers and what they were able to pull off being funded by the community. i invited dr. jefferson over to explain what austin pets alive! does and what we, as a community can do to keep austin a "no-kill" city and what you can do to make your city a "no kill" city. check it out. go to to find out how YOU can get guest for episode 290 is singer/songwriter, jess klein! jess was on the show a couple of years ago when she released, behind a veil. well, she's just released her toughest album to date, learning faith. the album was inspired by klein's relentless quest for spritual truth. the album's sound and subject matter are her toughest to date. jess stopped by and we talked about the album, being inspired by protesting along side wendy davis last summer, romance, touring, staying inspired and much, much more. she's out on tour of the southeast right now! check out to get the record and to find out when she's coming to a town near you! jess and i always have entertaining conversations. i hope you enjoy it as much as i did. let's get down!ciao! -jg

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