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Friday Jan 25, 2019

Hello friends! We have a double-header for you today! First up, I talk to Chad Robinson from Austin rock band, Dynamite Hack via Skype. We have a great conversation about their new album, Loaded With Cobras out February 15th, the state of the Hack, making boats in San Diego and more! You can pre-order the album digitally and on vinyl at Next up, The Godfather of Punk Comedy/label owner/Altercation Comedy Festival founder/author/podcaster/Altercation Punk Comedy Tours founder, JT Habersaat! JT is actually on the road doing Altercation Road Stories Live with Riverboat Gamblers' Mike Wiebe, The Sword's Kyle Shutt and more when this podcast comes out. Go to for tour dates, podcasts, books and all things JT. We have a great conversation about almost all of JT's endeavors including Altercation Magazine, his road to comedy, his albums and books, his punk rock roots and the punk ethos that's kept him kicking ass and taking names and much more! I had a great time getting to know JT. I'm sure you will too. Let's get down!
Ciao! -JG

Friday Oct 10, 2014

hello friends! this episode is coming to you robotically. i don't trust hotel internet to be strong enough to upload my podcasts, so i did this a few days ago before i left town to play some fly-out shows. wednesday, i went to scottsdale arizona for a show and yesterday flew to houston for a show. when you're listening to this, i'm probably on my way back to austin with SKYROCKET!. see, we flew out of austin to scottsdale and played a show on rented gear. then thursday, while we flew to houston, our crew dudes drove our gear from austin to houston. now it's friday, we're heading home. our cars are at the airport and we don't have a gig tonight. we'll be playing the one-2-one bar here in austin tomorrow, sat, oct 11th, for an acl after party. come out and join the lunatics. :)my guests for episode 316 are two hilarious comics here in austin, avery moore and ryan cownie!!! i saw them both a few weeks ago at a charlie hodge show at cap city and i invited them down to chat. ryan was on a couple of years ago after i first saw him and i've since seen and hung out with him a lot. he's one of my favorite comics in this scene. the hodge show was the first time i ever saw avery but man she is sooo funny. anyway, they came over a couple of weeks ago on a sunday, we dranks some beers and shot the shit. here it is. my conversation with the very funny avery moore and ryan cownie! let's get down!ciao! -jg

Tuesday Sep 16, 2014

hello friends! i hope you all had a great weekend and you'e feeling good about everything. i'm doing well. i played all weekend. i played on friday and saturday with skyrocket and sunday with john bush and his group of awesome musicians including penny jo pullus, john nelson, glenn mcgregor, landis armstrong, brad houser and seth orrell. great times! i love playing at the one-2-one bar. i'm actually playing there this friday september 19th with skyrocket. come out and rock out with us in this sweet south austin guests for episode 309 are two of my favorite funny men and best pals, charlie hodge and lucas molandes! charlie is hosting a big comedy show tonight at cap city. we talk all about it on the show. anyway, i hang out with thee guys a lot and we do podcast stuff together, so this show is more of just funny dudes hanging out and making each other laugh. i think we need this kind of episode every once in a while. this crazy conversations covers online dating, "i am cumin and i need to be loved", grocery stores, johnny's bagging pet peeves, lucas' sister is super-catholic, charlie wants to start a brick and mortar dating place called "cumin space" and much more insanity. i absolutely love these dudes and i love hanging out with them. i hope you love hanging out with us. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Episode 279: Ramin Nazer

Tuesday Jun 03, 2014

Tuesday Jun 03, 2014

hello friends! i hope you are all feeling the healing power of summertime. i know i am. i am getting some shit together for my live podcast tonight! tonight (tuesday, june 3rd 2014) i'll be talking to four of my favorite ladies at strange brew at 8 pm. my guests are jazz mills, trish murphy, elizabeth mcqueen and our very first guest, suzanna choffel! come out and be a part of your favorite podcast. also, we'll be doing another live show on tuesday, june 17th at 8 pm at strange brew. my guests on the 17th are charlie hodge, graham wilkinson and the band, sphynx! sorry for all the promo, but i'm excited to do these shows and i want an audience. i saw bob schneider play last night... if you never have, you should go see him. he really is amazing. my guest for episode 279 is comic/animator/musician/artist/writer, ramin nazer! if you live in austin, you might know ramin as "2012's funniest person in austin" winner. if not, you might know him from "the late late show with craig ferguson" or from his many thoughtful and irreverent animations or comic books. i met ramin a couple of years ago after watching him do stand-up. i think he's one of the funniest guys around right now. his comedy is smart, twisted and most of all, FUNNY! he has a great album out called, you were good too and you can find out all about his exploits online at we have a great conversation and i hope you enjoy getting to know ramin as much as i did. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Episode 267: John Tole

Monday Apr 21, 2014

Monday Apr 21, 2014

hello friends! i hope you all had a wonderful passover or record store day or easter or earth day or 4/20 day. a lot of celebrating over the last week. i got some good record store day records... jay-z the black album, ume monuments and a couple of days earlier i got kiss alive and a laura nyro album that i heard about while listening to the paul stanley autobiography. good scores! the record stores were full. i saw my friend eve who owns antone's records at end of an ear records, so there was a spirit of solidarity among the record store owners. what a magical day. did you get anything?my guest for episode 267 is one of my favorite comics and one of my favorite people to talk to, john tole! i met john a couple of years ago after one of the "monkeyshine mondays" shows and we hit it off. so, i had john on the podcast over a year ago but i accidentally deleted it before i could put it out. i've always felt terrible about that. luckily, we made up for it with this conversation. john is an amazing comic, a prolific podcaster, he has 4256 productions where he puts out 4 podcasts, "disrupt the illusion", "after the illusion", "cart path diem" and "take it under advisement". he's always on the road and you can find out when he's coming to your town and what ever else you need to know about john tole at i hope you enjoy our crazy conversation. i sure did. ladies and gentlemen, john tole.ciao! -jg

Thursday Jul 25, 2013

hello my friends! i put this episode out a day early because i'm heading out for town with SKYROCKET! for a couple of days and i don't trust hotel internet service. it's too damn slow. so yes, i'm going to dallas today, thursday, 7/25 and we're playing at the house of blues in dallas tomorrow, friday, 7/26, we're playing at the house of blues in houston. saturday, 7/27, we're playing at the belmont in austin with cotton mather for their single release. busy, busy weekend. don't forget, next wednesday, july 31st, 7:30 pm live podcast at antone's in austin tx! my guests will be members of western youth and the love leighs and christy hays. i'll talk to the bands and then they'll play! i think it will be a great night of fun and music. come out. here's more info...
my guest for episode 191 is one 0f my favorite comics making his second appearance on the show, the very funny, jake flores! jake was on around a year and a half ago and since then, i've seen him perform a bunch and we've become friends. jake is about to record his first stand up album for stand up records (lewis black, doug stanhope, patton oswalt, marc maron) and he's recording here in austin at the new movement theater on sunday, august 4th 2013 with two shows at 7 & 9. if you're here, you should go. anyway, jake came by and we got to catch up about the incredible comedy scene in austin, putting on shows, "what are we doing?", his spite club shows and podcasts, touring, performing every night, cool posters and much, much more! i think jake is a great guy and i always have a great time seeing him perform and hanging out with him. i'm sure you will too.
ciao! -jg

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