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Tuesday Dec 09, 2014

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well. i've had an emotionally draining week. big ups, big downs and all-arounds. i feel like our music community lost one of our elders. someone we could look to as a beacon of what we can elevate ourselves to as musicians and people. ian mclagan was that guy in our community and now he's gone. he touched a lot of people in this community and his loss is felt. big time. the big ups this week had to do with the mr. rocket baby reunion. after more than 20 years of not playing together, we reunited and played a show. it was an extremely cathartic experience. it was really fun playing those songs again. it was good being around those guys again. it was great! there was some real healing through rock and roll going on there. i'm proud and honored to have been a part of that experience. crazy, right?my guest for episode 332 is my dear old friend, making his second appearance on the show, the amazingly talented songwriter/singer/musician, ian moore! ian and i have been friends for around 30 years. i got the chance to tour with him 7 years ago when he released his album, to be loved. he's in town this week because he's on a christmas tour. which stops in austin, galveston and houston this week. find out if he's coming to your town y going to to find out when he's coming to a town near you. ian is amazing artist who's followed his heart and and worn it on his sleeve for for the past 3 decades. if you like this episode and want to hear our conversation for episode 10 go to hear about how he got started and our tour together and much, much more. i hope you enjoy my conversation with ian. i sure did. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Episode 330: A Giant Dog

Thursday Nov 27, 2014

Thursday Nov 27, 2014

hello friends! i hope you all had a fantastic thanksgiving! i had a mellow one. stayed home. my friend, jake cam by and we did the intro together after some thanksgiving drinks. hey! if you're in austin tonight, friday, november 28th and want to see skyrocket!, we'll be playing at the one-2-one bar tonight at 10. also, if you're in houston tomorrow, saturday, november 29th, we'll be at the house of blues bronze peacock room. come out and say hi. good luck with your christmas shopping!my guests for episode 330 are sabrina and andrew from a giant dog! a giant dog will be opening for spoon starting in a week! sabrina and andrew stopped by a couple of weeks ago and we talked about their upcoming tour with spoon, being a sexy barista, making fun of famous headliners they open for, crazy homelessness in new york and much, much more! i hope you enjoy getting to know andrew and sabrina. i sure did. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Tuesday Oct 21, 2014

hello friends! i hope you all feel a lot better than i look. i have been playing gigs and been in the studio playing on the last parts of the kimmie rhodes album. i had an amazing day yesterday with kimmie, her son, gabe, glenn fukanaga, dony wynn and bradley the patient and sweet engineer. it's been a lot of fun. kimmie has really gone out of her way to make sure i know how good she thinks i am and that just means the world to me. having someone of her caliber bring me in to her world as a collaborator with all the freedom in the world is really special. plus, it really feels like family when you're working with the rhodes clan. what a great time! i'll let you guys know when the album is out. i'm looking forward to it.episode 319 is a bizzarro world episode of "how did i get here?" because i am the guest and mark hallman is the host. we actually recorded this episode in the summer of 2013. there were some weird things that went down with my mom's case, which we thought was over. her murderer got an appeal just a couple of weeks after we recorded this. i was pretty bummed out about the appeal and in his episode, mark and i talk about how great the outcome of the original trial was, but then i felt awful for a couple of months and didn't put this out. well, i came across it the other day and listened to it and decided to put it out. mark did an amazing job of hosting and guiding the conversation. there is a lot of love and history with us in our 32 year friendship/mentorship. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did. i'd like to thank mark for taking the time and for being my friend. let's get down!

Episode 306: Wrenfro

Thursday Sep 04, 2014

Thursday Sep 04, 2014

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well. maybe you had a short week because of labor day. if so, congratulations. i'm back at it tonight with SKYROCKET!. we're playing the finish line of a fun run tonight here in austin, then we're flying out at 7:30 in the morning to oklahoma city to jump on a shuttle that will take us to some crazy disco-golf tournament a couple of hours outside of okc. i'll be back sunday. should be fun. i want to remind you that tuesday is my last "johnny goudie & friends" residency at strange brew. i have a great line-up that night... ryan holley, joe reyes and the legendary kathy valentine! if you're in austin, come THIS tuesday sept. 9th at 8 pm and let's say goodbye to this summer residency in style!my guests for episode 306 are tony scalzo and kevin mckinney from the band, wrenfro! kevin and tony have both been on the show and you might know tony from the band fastball and kevin from his band, soulhat. anyway, these amazing talents have joined forces and started a band called, wrenfro. after settling on the right line-up, chris gebhard on bass and ed jarusinsky on drums, they've released  two singles on itunes and cd baby, they're getting ready to embark on a wednesday residency at strange brew starting on wednesday, sept 17th at 8 pm. anyway, we have a great conversation about the state of the music business, fastball,  spotify, wrenfro in the studio and much more. i love kevin and tony. i recommend checking out their music on itunes and if you live in austin, get out to a show and see what they're all about. let's get down!ciao! -jgsponsored by: strange brew lounge side 

Episode 303: Joe Reyes

Tuesday Aug 26, 2014

Tuesday Aug 26, 2014

hello friends! i hope you're out there successfully getting your nuts like crazy, rabid squirrels. i'm just getting in from a session for a song i'm producing for an artist named, daniel eyes. we cut drums at SPACE with this guy cruz playing and it turned out fantastic! it's a great room, a great studio, that's why i'm glad they're sponsors of this show. quality, great staff and of course, air conditioning. i'll be playing my tuesday residency tonight at strange brew. my guests will be the incredibly talented chris taylor and the phenomenal, little brave. it starts at 8. if you're in austin, come see what it's all about. my guest for episode 303 is ultra-talented/multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter, joe reyes! you might know joe from the many musical projects he's been involved in like, freddy fender, billy harvey, salim nourallah and many more. or, the many bands he's played/plays in like, lara & reyes, buttercup, demitasse and many more. joe was in town from san antonio a couple of weeks ago and we got together and had a great conversation about his interesting musical journey, san antonio, buttercup, demitasse, freddy fender and much, much more. i love joe. he's an amazing talent and total sweetheart. i hope you enjoy getting to know him as much as i did. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Friday Jul 25, 2014

hello my friends! i hope you're hitting your summer stride. maybe you've had a vacation or gone to the movies or found the right pool with the right pool guests. indoors or out, beating them or joining them, i hope the summer is yours. the summer of YOU! i haven't truly taken advantage of summer. i've only gone swimming once, no pool parties, just announced my summer jam last week. well, i'm making up for it next week. on august 1st, i'm heading out to the beach for "beach weekend 2014"! yes. i'm going to galveston to stay in a beach house with my family for a few days. they're gonna meet my girlfriend, zuri. zuri's gonna meet them... it's all going down next week. i can't wait!my guest for episode 294 is martin theophilus from the museum of magnetic sound recording! yes. i said the museum of magnetic sound recording. have a look for yourself MOMSR.ORG. i saw martin on the news last saturday morning talking about the museum and how they've started an indiegogo campaign to get some storage because martin and his wife, chris, house over 180 tape machines and hundreds of microphones in their home. anyway, i looked them up, reached out to them and martin and chris came over to tell me what the museum is about and what they need to make this dream a reality. i would love to have this museum in austin. i would go there all the time. i know a lot of my engineer, producer and audio-nerd friends would absolutely LOVE it too. i had a great time talking to martin and getting to know about the museum. i'm going to look at their collection soon. i'll post pictures on the facebook page. i hope enjoy my conversation with martin. i did. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Episode 286: Angus Clark

Friday Jun 27, 2014

Friday Jun 27, 2014

hello universal soldiers! i hope you're all living the american dream. i'm good. i played with skyrocket last night at this place called, the roost. it was good. sometimes it just takes us being together and making each other laugh to make it a good show. we're lucky like that. i'm starting a residency this coming tuesday 7/1 at strange brew in austin, tx. i'll be playing every tuesday in july and august while my friend, jeff plankenhorn, is on vacation. it's called, "johnny goudie and friends". i'll have one person playing a 30 minute set before me, then i'll join them for their last song. after that song, they'll leave the stage and i'll stay up and play my set. then i'll be joined by the last person for my last song and i'll leave the stage and that person will play their set. i'm trying to make it a seamless show which should be fun for the audience. my guests on tuesday will be joseph king and jeremy nail. here's the event page guest for episode 286 is the phenomenally talented guitar player, angus clark! angus is friend of mine i met through playing with song division, but you might know his from trans siberian orchestra, "rock of ages" on broadway, daredevil squadron or any of his instructional videos on youtube. needless to say, he's an accomplished player. i met up with angus when i was in new york a few weeks ago. he came to my hotel room in brooklyn and we talked about everything, growing up in new york city, finding david gilmore, bending strings in tune, touring with kitaro, the amount of production involved in a trans siberian orchestra tour and much, much more. i had a great time getting to know angus. i'm sure you will too. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Episode 283: Salim Nourallah

Tuesday Jun 17, 2014

Tuesday Jun 17, 2014

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well... living right eating healthy and keeping yourself sane. i am good. i have a crazy busy day ahead of me, but that's okay. i have a podcast here at the apartment later this morning with a guy. after that, i'm going to sing on kathy valentine's new album then tonight we have a live podcast at strange brew. speaking of live podcast tonight... we have a live podcast recording TONIGHT tuesday, june 17th 2014 at 8 pm at austin's premier listening room, strange brew! my guests will be funny man, charlie hodge, singer/songwriter, graham wilkinson and art/pop band, sphynx! come out and be a part of the show you love!my guest for episode 283 is singer/songwriter/performer/producer, salim nourallah! it seems like i've known salim forever, but we've never really had the chance to sit down and talk. well, he came by the apartment when he was in town a few weeks ago for a show with billy harvey and alex dezen. i've been listening to his albums for the last couple of weeks and i totally love his music. he's produced a ton of bands you've heard of including the latest, and most successful, old 97's album, most messed up. i really like salim and i had a great time getting to know him. i'm sure you will too.ciao! -jg

Friday Jun 13, 2014

hello friends of the american bald eagle! i hope you are all happy, healthy and sexually satisfied citizens of earth. i am good. i went on the new boardwalk that opened behind my apt. it's fucking amazing! i love not having to run on streets or sidewalks next to streets. it's all very luxurious. i want to remind you guys that we're doing a live podcast recoding this tuesday, june 17th at strange brew in austin, tx. my guests will be the hilarious charlie hodge, amazing singer/songwriter, graham wilkinson and one of america's premier dance/rock bands, sphynx! the festivities start at 8 pm. here's some info  come out and get involved with the show!my guest for episode 282 is one of my favorite songwriters/singers/musicians/producers/actors/friends/poets/funny people, billy harvey!!!!! billy and i have been friends for almost 20 years. he's one of the most all-around talented people i know and a great hang. he was in town on tour with salim nourallah and alex dezen and stooped by for a chat. we talked about his newest album in the works, dear danger, playing with katy sagal on "the sons of anarchy" tour, his collaboration with louise goffin, producing, acting, growing a beard, getting off facebook and much, much more. i totally love billy and by the end of our conversation, you will too. let's get down!ciao! -jg

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