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Friday Oct 19, 2018

Hello friends! Comic book/rock opera/album, "Hillcrest" creator, Jonathon Zemek, is my guest for episode 742! "Hillcrest" is a graphic novel with an accompanying album conceived and written by musician, Jonathon Zemek. Jonathon teamed up on the music with producer Matt Smith and guest vocalists, Guy Forsyth, Malford Milligan, Roderick Sanford and more. He also got artist Chris Rogers to bring the visual part to life. Go to to find out more about "Hillcrest". I had a great time getting to know Jonathon and learning more about this ambitious project. I'm sure you will too. Plus, Lydia Froncek from Austin's Ley Line stops by to talk about their event,  Sonora Festival ATX taking place this Sunday, October 21st at Cheer Up Charlies. Click HERE for more info and to RSVP for the event. Sunday Funday! Let's get down!
Ciao! -JG

Episode 450: Paco Estrada

Tuesday Dec 29, 2015

Tuesday Dec 29, 2015

hello friends! i hope this episode finds you well. it's the last week of he year. are you okay with this year? did you have a good one? i think i had a good one. things are going well. i'm healthy and happy and in love. did you have a good christmas? i had a good one. no matter how weird it got, i was still surrounded by my loving family and i wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else. my guest for episode 450 is talented and beloved singer/songwriter/bandleader, paco estrada! paco and i have been trying to get together for a podcast since i started the show. well, we finally did it! i went out to orb recording studios a few weeks ago, tucked away in one of their gorgeous cutting rooms and had this great conversation. we talk about growing up a preacher's son, learning songs for dual cassette recordings, making e-books along with records, his newest album, bedtime stories, the uncertainty of labels and managers, the two corys and much, much more! i hope you enjoy getting to know paco as much as i did. let's get down! ciao! -jg

Episode 279: Ramin Nazer

Tuesday Jun 03, 2014

Tuesday Jun 03, 2014

hello friends! i hope you are all feeling the healing power of summertime. i know i am. i am getting some shit together for my live podcast tonight! tonight (tuesday, june 3rd 2014) i'll be talking to four of my favorite ladies at strange brew at 8 pm. my guests are jazz mills, trish murphy, elizabeth mcqueen and our very first guest, suzanna choffel! come out and be a part of your favorite podcast. also, we'll be doing another live show on tuesday, june 17th at 8 pm at strange brew. my guests on the 17th are charlie hodge, graham wilkinson and the band, sphynx! sorry for all the promo, but i'm excited to do these shows and i want an audience. i saw bob schneider play last night... if you never have, you should go see him. he really is amazing. my guest for episode 279 is comic/animator/musician/artist/writer, ramin nazer! if you live in austin, you might know ramin as "2012's funniest person in austin" winner. if not, you might know him from "the late late show with craig ferguson" or from his many thoughtful and irreverent animations or comic books. i met ramin a couple of years ago after watching him do stand-up. i think he's one of the funniest guys around right now. his comedy is smart, twisted and most of all, FUNNY! he has a great album out called, you were good too and you can find out all about his exploits online at we have a great conversation and i hope you enjoy getting to know ramin as much as i did. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Episode 141: Yehudi Mercado

Tuesday Jan 29, 2013

Tuesday Jan 29, 2013

zero dark boner
hello friends! so, after 3 failed attempts to see zero dark 30 (just last night), i finally saw it today. it's great, just like people say. my weekend was extremely low-key. i wasn't feeling too good. i thought i was getting the flu. thank god, i wasn't. i want to remind those of you who live in houston that i am playing a solo acoustic show THIS saturday, february 2, 2013 at anderson fair. i'll be playing after recent guest, aimee bobruk. if you don't know my music, come out and see the show. i love to entertain. click on this link for info. see you there!
our guest for episode 141 is animator/graphic novelist, yehudi mercado! yehudi's 2nd graphic novel, "pantalones, tx", comes out in february. i've read it, it's fantastic. it's funny. he's funny. i just read his amazing first graphic novel, "buffalo speedway" about one phenomenal night in a pizza delivery boy's life. definitely worth the read. our mutual friend, nettie reynolds, hooked us up and i went over to yehudi's house a few weeks ago and he told me his story. so, i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.
ciao! -jg

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