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Tuesday Jan 14, 2014

hello friends! i hope that you are winning, or at least advancing, in your own private revolution. it's such gorgeous weather this week. it's totally inspiring. i went to kimmie rhodes' house yesterday and started writing a new song with her. i just love her. then i went saw her band, middle fanger, last night at the saxon pub. the band is kimmie, bill carter and kimmie's son, gabe. i ended up jumping on stage and playing a couple of songs with them. it was so fun and such an inspiration to play with them. i'm looking forward to more. my guest for episode 238 is the amazing carolyn wonderland! since this show started i have gotten requests from you guys to get carolyn on the show... well, here she is! i can still remember the first time i saw carolyn play in 1991 at zelda's in houston like it was yesterday. think it's because i had never seen anyone like her before. carolyn is the real deal. she has transcended learning and playing the blues to being someone who is CREATING the blues. she is an amazing guitar player, singer, songwriter and whistler. i was really glad she was able to come by and talk. we talk about everything, her husband, a. whitney brown's amazing pepper collection, the houston music/theater/comedy scene, townes van zandt, touring, europe, politics and much, much more. carolyn is not only amazingly talented, she's also an incredibly beautiful person. i hope you enjoy our conversation as much as i did. ciao! -jg

Episode 235: Mike Flanigin

Friday Jan 03, 2014

Friday Jan 03, 2014

happy new year everyone! i hope you had a safe and wonderful new years eve. i did. i played in houston with SKYROCKET! we helped a guy propose to his lady. i quit smoking... that totally sucks! i'm on my third day and i'm really starting to freak out. i hate it. i played last night and it was all i could think about. i know it gets easier, but this totally guest for episode 235 is hammond B-3 organ master, mike flanigin. mike has had an incredible 2013. this year he played with jimmie vaughan at eric clapton's crossroads festival, he played with zz top at the montreaux jazz festival, he played with billy gibbons on his birthday in new york a couple of weeks ago along with will lee and anton fig of the david letterman band. his band, dupree, put out an album, nuestro camino that has garnered critical praise. his duo/trio shows at the continental club gallery are legendary and a "who's who" of special guests. to top it all off, mike flanigin is a really nice guy and and great hang. i hope you enjoy getting to know him as much as i did. ciao! -jg

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