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Wednesday Aug 13, 2014

hey everyone!!! welcome to episode 100! thank you so much to everyone who has helped, supported, come by and talked to me and listened! thank you so much for listening. i'm looking forward to the next 100!this episode features highlights from the first 100 episodes and a quick talk with todd v. wolfson about my experience doing this. this show includes excerpts of my conversations with suzanna choffel, dony wynn, ian moore, fastball, dale dudley, kathy valentine, tim palmer, alpha rev, will sexton, alejandro escovedo, bodeans, billy harvey and david grissom. i hope you enjoy these these highlights as much as i do. thank you again.ciao! -jg

Episode 287: Rick Hornyak

Tuesday Jul 01, 2014

Tuesday Jul 01, 2014

hello my friends! i hope you have your plans ready for the 4th of july which is coming up this friday. i do. i'm actually going to a wedding. my friend joe is getting married on friday and i'm going to attend. i got my friend rusty to sub for me in skyrocket that night. they're playing at the house of blues in houston. i'll be with them on thursday and saturday, but not friday. i start my summer residency at strange brew tonight! yes! i'll be playing every tuesday at 8 pm at strange brew in austin, tx. if you are around, come out. it will be a good time. here's a poster made by my friend, ramin nazer.  my guests tonight are joseph king and jeremy guest for episode 287 is singer/songwriter rick hornyak! rick moved here from pennsylvania a few years ago to pursue his musical ambitions. he sold everything he had including his house and headed to austin. i met rick at steve poltz show a couple of months ago and he told me he listens to the show and wanted to come on. well, he did and we had a fantastic conversation about his journey. he'll be on the road playing in wisconsin and pennsylvania for the next few weks. look him up and go check him out. i hope you enjoy getting to know rick. i did. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Friday Jun 20, 2014

hello friends! i hope yore feeling a nice summer weekend coming your way. maybe you'll be going to a bar b que or a pool party or something resembles a little of both. i played in houston last night with SKYROCKET!. we played at this beautiful park downtown called discovery green. it was a lot of fun. my family came and i got to see a bunch of old friends that i haven't seen in a while. plus, it was a gorgeous night. i'm playing outside tonight and tomorrow too. tomorrow is an all day thing, so i might bring back "playing in shorts" like i did in the late 80's. can you wear shorts on stage? can i start wearing a bathing suit to outdoor shows in the summer?my guests for episode 284: live at strange brew 3 are charlie hodge, graham wilkinson and sphynx! this is a GREAT show!!!! we talk about everything, fatherhood, twins and their secret languages, freaky people on tour, paintball karaoke, the scary drug dealer at the nick in birmingham and listen for the impromptu beatbox song at the end. this show was a great time. thank you to the guests, to strange brew and to everyone who came out. we'll book some more soon! let's get down!

Friday May 16, 2014

hello party people of the internet! i hope you are all feeling good and strong. i woke up this morning in a panic. it's may 16th and i have still not found and announced my summer jam 2014. they're even talking about it on the today show so i must be running behind. i'm going to spend the day putting together some episodes of this podcast and booking a residency i'm taking over in july at strange brew in austin. i'll fill you guys in on this as i book it. i am very excited to get going on this. my guests for episode 274 is new psychedelic family band, casual strangers. you might know some of the members who are also in the boxing lesson. anyway, they've been playing shows and recording an album with the great frenchy smith. in fact, they have a show tonight friday, may 16th at the mohawk in austin, tx. if you live here, get out and see them. if you don't live here, you should check out their soundcloud. the band came by a few weeks ago and we had a very spirited conversation about how they do their thing. it's a great conversation and i hope you enjoy it as much as i did. ciao! -jg

Episode 271: Daisy

Tuesday May 06, 2014

Tuesday May 06, 2014

hello friends! i hope you're having a good workout or commute to work or tour or what ever you're doing while listening to this podcast. i am well thank you. my grandfather's passing was sad. it was a sad week and life is very different now without him in this world. that's just something i'll need to get used to. i have a long week of gigs (thursday-sunday). mostly skyrocket shows but i'm playing solo at a benefit on sunday. i don't know all the deets on it yet, but i'll let you know when i do. my guest for episode 271 is talented singer/songwriter, daisy! i met daisy a few months ago at a benefit i was hosting. she played before the benefit started but i really liked her music and her voice and talked to her about coming on the show. well, her debut e.p., do be do, has just been released. the title song, "do be do" was co-written with one of my favorites, steve poltz. daisy came by a few weeks ago and we chatted about everything growing up religious and being home-schooled, freaking out at college, becoming a social worker, what is burning man?, discovering songwriting, day jobs, folk alliance parties and much, much more. i had a great time getting to know daisy. i'm sure you will to.ciao! -jg

Episode 270: Randy Weeks

Tuesday Apr 29, 2014

Tuesday Apr 29, 2014

hello my friends. my guest for episode 270 is the talented singer/songwriter, randy weeks. you might know him best from his song, "can't let go" on lucinda williams' grammy winning album, car wheels on a gravel road. i saw randy play a couple of months ago at a benefit i was hoisting. we had a great chat backstage and i invited him to be on the show. turns out, he's a really great hang with an interesting story that goes from the 80's underground country/rock/folk scene in los angeles that included such luminaries as pete anderson, dwight yoakam, lucinda williams and many more to now when he's in austin, playing shows and starting a power-trio and much more. i hope you enjoy getting to know randy weeks. i sure did.

Episode 263: ARP / Bully

Friday Apr 11, 2014

Friday Apr 11, 2014

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well. i am. i have an unusual friday off. lucky me! i have a couple of interviews today but after 5, i'm done. i had a great show last night at one-2-one bar here in austin. i celebrated what would have been my 20th wedding anniversary (had we not divorced almost 10 years ago) by playing songs that related to my "marriage experience". i jammed with my old friends, ryan and brad at the end and it was a good time. oh!!!! a friend made me a replica of the painting that hangs above scatman cruthers' in "the shining". yes. i have a pimp bedroom now. episode 263 is another sxsw double-header (only this time, without the background noise) my guests are first up, from brooklyn, ny, arp! arp is one man's brilliant musical vision. that man is alexis georgopoulos, a art school kid who's tried his hand at rock and roll as an art form and made some beautiful music/noise. his new album, more, is reminiscent of the brian eno pop albums of the early 70's. we had a great conversation! our second guests for this double-header are nashville's, bully! an incredible band led by an incredible singer/recording engineer/producer, alicia. alicia and drummer stewart (copeland) came by the apt. during sxsw and we had a great talk about recording, running live sound, being a band, being a woman in the music engineering world an much, much more. i hope you enjoy these conversations as much as i did. ciao! -jg

Monday Mar 24, 2014

hello beautiful people! i hope the world is treating you right today. things are good here. i'm up early this morning getting my shit together to go to dallas in a couple of hours for a gig with some friends in the song division group. we'll be heading right back after we finish tonight. it's gonna be a long day, but it's a good time with some good friends. i fell on my thumb the other night. it's not broken, but it's swollen, purple and sore. i've got it in a brace. it's weird but i can still type. look out people! i've got something to say.episode 258 is up and it's a double-header! first up is bp fallon. his career in the music business started with interviewing john and yoko during their bed-in in amsterdam, he then became the "weed tester" for paul mccartney, was the publicist for t-rex, led zeppelin, thin lizzy and more, he's a dj, a best selling author, a photographer and much, much more. last year, with his band, bp fallon and the bandits, he released, still legal. an amazing album with a star-studded band. we caught up during sxsw and had a great chat about it all. our second conversation is with new york's trumpeter swan. songwriter, drew patrizi and producer/guitarist, tom beaujor stopped by my apartment during sxsw and we had a great talk about their new album, the magnitude of now and how they made it. we also talked about how they're navigating this new music business as musicians, songwriters and producers. i had a great time getting to know all of these guys. i bet you will too. ciao! -jg

Friday Feb 07, 2014

"get hip baby! you like metal?"hello my friends!i hope the world is going along with your plans for life. i'm doing well. i had a great night last night. i hosted and played at a benefit here in town for the mccormack family who lost their home in the floods on halloween. it was a great night with bill carter, rosie flores, gabriel rhodes, patricia vonne alejandro escovedo, kacy crowly, matt mccormack, william harries graham, marlon sexton and many, many more came out, played and raised some dough for the family. if you want to find out how YOU can help the mccormack family go to their "go fund me" site thank guest for episode 245 is the incredibly talented and entertaining erin ivey! this is erin's 2nd appearance on the show. her brilliant new cd/dvd, whisper of the moon comes out next tuesday, february 11th 2014. she recorded this album live with the tosca string quartet and filmed it. the album is gorgeous and you get to watch it and feel like you're there with the dvd. she's having a release party on thursday february 13th at the belmont in austin, tx. you're in austin i urge you to go see this beautiful production with erin and a string quartet. gorgeous. erin came by and we got to talk and catch up and she talked about how she made the album and challenges and rewards that went along with  working outside the box. i hope you enjoy my conversation with erin. i sure did.ciao! -jg 

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