Episode 102: Jeff Lofton

a lesson in jazz.

hello everyone! i hope you're doing well this week. i am. i have an announcement to make, i will be playing a solo acoustic show at zirzamin in new york city next thursday, september 20th. i'll be playing with my dear friend and two-time guest on the podcast, joseph king from deadbeat darling. here is a link to the event. http://www.facebook.com/events/416836435039873/ if you live in new york, you'll want to come to this! i'll also be doing some podcast interviews while i'm there and playing a SKYROCKET! show. busy weekend. THIS weekend, i'll be playing a songwriter in the round with two guys that have been on the podcast, ray prim & lang freeman (sounds under radio) at flipnotics in austin, tx. it's saturday, september 15th. here's a link for that show http://www.facebook.com/events/158862854238119/ if you're in austin, come out and hear some songs and stories!!!!

my guest for episode 102 is the phenomenal trumpet player, jeff lofton. i didn't know jeff at all, i got an email from his people, i looked him up and it turns out, he's unbelievable. i was more than happy to have such a great talent on the show. so, he came by last week and i got to know him a bit. also, i got to know more about jazz. jeff is an incredibly insightful guy with a deep knowledge of jazz. he laid it on me, and i loved it. here's my guest, jeff lofton!

ciao! -jg

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