Episode 1037: Ismael Quintanilla III

Hello friends! Austin Music Awards "Best Photographer" winner and a guy who's shot everyone that plays music in Austin, Ismael Quintanilla III is my guest for episode 1037! Ismael has taken the time during the pandemic to document the Austin music scene under quarantine in his gorgeous new portrait book, "I Am Here All Day" available now in hardback or digitally at iq3photo.com/iamhereallday. "I AM Here All Day" showcases the state of the Austin music community through images of artists and their  stories — written between March and August of 2020 — about their experiences during the rapid onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The narratives offer distinctly different emotional perspectives, which, threaded together, dictate the flow of the book. This anthology proves how, even as we all take our own paths at different paces, our community is inevitably united in its determination to proliferate creativity. This is a story of resilience, of Austin musicians rising to the challenge of making impactful art against all odds. 118 portraits including Jackie Venson, Walker Lukens, Riders Against The Storm, Audrey Campbell of Pleasure Venom, ME and many, many more. Proceeds from the sales go to HAAM, SIMS Foundation, DAWA, Banding Together ATX, Free Lunch, Niñas Arriba. Great conversation with this very wonderful and talented man. Enjoy! Let's get down!

For help navigating the Austin music scene and more go to austinmusicfoundation.org.

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