Episode 1047: Grace Pettis Returns! / SIMS Foundation Executive Director, Patsy Dolan Bouressa Checks In!

Hello friends! Singer/songwriter, Grace Pettis returns to the show for ep. 1047! Her latest album, the all-female and non-binary performed, produced, mixed and mastered, Working Woman drops this Friday, May 7th and she is celebrating with a string of release shows this week including Saturday, May 8th at Sagebrush here in Austin, TX. Go to gracepettis.com for show dates and info, videos, music and more. We have a great conversation about making Working Woman with an all-female/non-binary crew, getting back out and playing shows after a year of seclusion, working with her heroes The Indigo Girls, Ruthie Foster, Gina Chavez and more, her Troubadours On Trek podcast and much more! Plus, May is "Mental Health Awareness Month so SIMS Foundation Executive Director, Patsy Dolan Bouressa checks in about their SIMS Foundation shows in the month of May, SIMS 25th anniversary, coming back after a year of lockdown and much more. Find out more about the SIMS Foundation and their events by going simsfoundation.org. Two great convos! Let's get down!

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