Episode 11: Ray Prim

hello everyone! i hope you're all doing well. we have a great week of interviews coming up this week. miles zuniga from fastball, nakia and a special non-musician interview with dale dudley!!!! don't forget we have a live podcast coming up on monday, october 3rd at 8pm at momo's. my guests will be, the coveters. please join us!

episode 11 features ray prim. i first met ray in the scene when he was in a band called, seven stones. since then, he's put out several albums both solo and with his former group, primm. he's about to go into the studio with omar vallejo producing his 5th solo album. ray told us about growing up in texas and new york and his late-bloomer musicianship. he's a great guy and i hope you enjoy this podcast!

ciao! -jg

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