Episode 110: The Calm Blue Sea

happy birthday to olga, jennifer and alexandra!!!

hello everyone! i hope you're well! i went on the charlie hodge show yesterday. it was great! i had a great time with charlie and and matt. they are funny people and if you now me, you know i love funny people. anyway, you can find it here http://www.charliehodgeshow.com/ you can also find it on itunes! charlie was a guest a few months back. i highly recommend his podcast. they're very funny and entertaining. also, he has a comedy show in austin called, "monkeyshine mondays" which has around 6 different comics a night, a live band and no cover! if you're ever in austin on a monday night, you should do this.

my guests for episode 110 are kyle robarge and chris patin from, the calm blue sea. to me, the band is part shoe gazer and part beautiful film score. they even released an original score they did for a silent movie from the 20's. their new album, "arrivals and departures" comes out today, (10/9/12) chris and kyle came by the apartment the other day and we sat down and they told me how the band got together, found it's vision and reincarnated itself a couple of times. they're great guys and love the band. their music is simply gorgeous. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.

ciao! -jg

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