Episode 112: Ralz Mathias

oh baby, you... got what i need.

friday night i saw little joe washington at the continental club in houston. i can't stop thinking about how amazing he was. i talked to him after his show, i got my picture taken with him and of course, i asked him if he would be on my podcast. apparently, podcast are a completely foreign concept to a 74 year old blues man. anyway, i've been watching some of his videos on youtube and geeking out on him. i know a couple of guys that play with him so hopefully, i'll get him on the show before too long. check out his website http://www.littlejoewashington.com/index.html he's fucking awesome!

my guest for episode 112 is my old friend, soul singer, ralz mathias. i've been friends with ralz since the late 80's when we were both lead singers of funk bands in houston. we talk about those days along with ralz's musical journey. from growing up as an artsy kid in baytown to starting a new-wave band, then going into a funk/rock direction showcasing for labels taking a break from music and and getting back in full-force, releasing his first solo album, liar lover sinner saint . so, ralz came by my hotel room when i was in houston last weekend and we sat down and caught-up. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.

ciao! -jg

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