Episode 1193: Jessi Clayton

Hello friends! Today, August 10th is is the 11th anniversary of our first episode release! In honor of that, I thought it would be cool to have the artist that drew the original logo for the show and my girlfriend at the time, Jessi Clayton on the show for a few minutes to talk about what it was like getting the show started from idea to releasing episodes. Well, like any good conversation, we ended up talk for almost an hour about her journey of healing and discovery following her brother's death in 2012, learning meditation and yoga and getting off Adderall, her family's journey of healing and getting off of opiates, getting to a place in her life where she feels like it's all happening for a reason and much more. I had a great time catching up with Jessi. I'm sure you will too. You can find her and her sister, Jenna's wares at divinetwins.com and Jessi's artwork HERE. Thank you for a great 11 years! Here's to more. Let's get down!

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