Episode 1196: Lenise Bent - Legendary Recording Engineer / Producer

Hello friends! Legendary recording engineer and producer, the first woman to record a certified platinum album, Lenise Bent is my guest for episode 1196! She's worked on such classic albums as Aja by Steely Dan, Breakfast In America by Supertramp, The Last Waltz by The Band, AutoAmerican by Blondie and so many more. Go to lenisebent.com for a full discography, her work as an educator and much more. Lenise and I have an amazing conversation about her journey as an engineer from being the only female in her class of 50 at recording school in the 70's, getting help from a young Roger Linn (inventor of the Linn Drum), working in the studio with legendary artists making classic albums, beating cancer, being a Foley mixer/editor, foreign dub supervisor for Disney, making analog records in a digital world and much, much more. I had a blast getting to know this amazing woman. I'm sure you will too. Let's get down!

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