Episode 1206: Michael Lockwood (Lions & Ghosts, Aimee Mann, Fiona Apple)

Hello friends! Producer, guitarist, songwriter and record company owner, Michael Lockwood is my guest for episode 1206! Michael spent the 90's and early 2000's playing with amazing acts like Aimee Mann, Suzanna Hoffs, Fiona Apple and more, but he got his start in an L.A. band int he 80's with alternative band, Lions & Ghosts who released two albums on EMI Records, Velvet Kiss, Lick of the Lime in 87 and Wild Garden in 89. He's managed to remaster and re-release Velvet Kiss, Lick of the Lime and write and record a new Lions & Ghosts song, "Gurl I Luv You" both available now wherever you stream or download your music. Go to lionsandghosts.com for more on Lions & Ghosts and go to michaellockwood.com for more info on Michael. We have a great conversation about all of the friends we have in common, the L.A. alternative music scene in the 80's, the Lions & Ghosts story, his new label, Sparkle Plenty Records and much more. I had a great time getting to know Michael. I know you will too. Let's get down!

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