Episode 121: Adam Sultan / Same Sky Productions

have a happy thanksgiving!

hey everyone! i hope you're doing well and ready for thanksgiving. i'm going to houston with my cousin, megan to spend time with my family. skyrocket will be playing on friday at the house of blues bronze peacock room and at steiner ranch steakhouse in austin on saturday. busy holiday weekend for me, but a big show for you today... first, i go by and have a short chat with david, andre' and chris at same sky productions and we talk about, "austin christmas", a christmas album they made featuring austin musicians backing up a host of austin singers including, yours truly. they're great guys, it's a fun conversation and the album sounds great. pick up a copy for yourself or someone you love at http://www.same-sky.com/ .

after my same sky visit, i sit down with someone i've always wanted to chat with, guitarist/composer/songwriter and all-araound cool guy, adam sultan. i've seen adam play for over 20 years now and i've never had a chance to talk to him. well, the former poi dog pondering, hollowbody (and many, many more) guitarist came over and we sat down and got to know each other. he's a great guy and i had a really good time talking to him. have fun listening and have a happy thanksgiving!

ciao! -jg

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