Episode 123: Gurf Morlix

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hello everyone! i hope you had a great thanksgiving. i did. i went to houston with my cousin megan and we had thanksgiving with our family. it was awesome! friday night i played at the house of blues in houston with skyrocket. and saturday here in austin. all in all, it was a great holiday. i even went to the mall on saturday and got in and out without a problem or much difficulty. so, whatever madness happens on "black friday" does not happen on the saturday after.

my guest for episode 123 is the extraordinarily talented musician/singer/songwriter/producer, gurf morlix. you might know gurf from his work with such luminaries as, lucinda williams, warren zevon, ian mclagan (episode 105), patty griffin, michael penn and many, many more. he's worked as sideman, producer, and singer/songwriter putting out his own albums and touring behind them solo. i have always been a fan of gurf and his work. so i was really excited to go out to his home studio to sit down and talk to him. it was even better than i thought. gurf is a gracious and humble artist as well as a gentle and thoughtful man. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.

ciao! -jg

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