Episode 125: Jody Denberg

when i moved to austin in 1991, i lived in a very busy recording studio called, the congress house. it's a studio owned by producer/musician, mark hallman.  people at the studio were talking about a new radio station called, kgsr. how they played stuff that you had always wished was on the radio. so, i started listening and i loved it. in fact, i first heard nirvana, the innocence mission and lucinda williams on the station. i would always listen when i was going to and from work at whole foods. sometimes my shift started in the afternoon and sometimes it ended in the afternoon. on those afternoon drives, i would listen to the station's program director, jody denberg. he became the dj that let me know what you should be listening to. not just for me, but for a lot of people in this city that cared about music. jody is a music fan and that's what he brought to his station.

my guest for episode 125 is said music fan and radio maverick, jody denberg. i went over to jody's house yesterday and he gave a tour of his beautiful home. i got to go to his "rec room" where he has tons of photos with beatles, tom petty, yoko, patty smith and more albums than you can imagine. then we sat down in his office and he told me his story. it's a music fan's journey into a career where he just followed his heart and it really made/makes a difference. he's about to go on the air full-time again on kutx. a station that starts in the new year. i loved our visit and i'm looking forward to hanging out a lot more. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.

ciao! -jg

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