Episode 13: Dale Dudley

DON'T FORGET! monday, october 3rd, 8pm at momo's in austin, tx is our first live podcast! our guests will be the coveters (suzanna choffel, michael kincaid, dan dyer, brad houser, wayne sutton, warren hood, jeff botta and god knows who else) and admission is FREE!!!!!

it's the end of september and it's still 105 degrees in austin. too hot! on sunday, my girlfriend jessi and i went to  a street festival here called, "the pecan street festival". went to look at stuff, walk around then watch singing sensation, nakia at 6pm. well, we went around 3 and it was just too hot to stay.  by the time we walked around the thing once, we were drenched in sweat, tired of trying to follow the shade and just plain wiped out. nakia was going to be on the show this week, but sadly, we both were unable to sit down yesterday due to complications... it worked out because at the time nakia and i were supposed to be talking, there were four guys using those blowers all around my apt. so, look for the nakia episode in october.

episode 13 features our first non-musician guest. dale dudley is host of the long-lasting, incredibly popular "dudley and bob" morning show on KLBJ fm  in austin. the show has been on for more than 20 years. he also has a podcast called, "the taint and teabag show" i have been a guest on both shows.. i've known dale since the early 90's. i've always liked him we've always had good conversations. this one is no exception. i'd like to thank dale for coming by after he was on the radio for 4 hours. so, here's my friend, dale dudley.

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