Episode 130: Ted Russell Kamp

are you ready for christmas?

if it's a few days before christmas and you have more shopping to do, it kinda sucks. it starts with the xmas traffic on the streets. you can't turn left to save your life. it's hard to get the "perfect thing" for 30 different people with different tastes. granted, no one ever opens a gift and says, "what?!?!?! why did you get me this? this is the WORST present ever! fuck you! you've ruined christmas with your crappy gift, johnny!" but for some reason, that's the pressure i put myself under while shopping. i'm heading out again soon. should be fun.

my guest for episode 130 is bass player/singer/songwriter, ted russell kamp. ted was in town from l.a. a couple of weeks ago and our mutual friend, robin wiley, thought it would be a good idea if we met. well, we did and it was great! it turns out that ted and i have some friends in common and his music and his new album, "night owl",  are great. ted and i talk about his journey from sideman/bass player for shooter jennings for many years, playing bass with wilson philips and countless other artists, to finding his voice as a singer/songwriter to making and putting out albums. i'm glad ted came by, i had a great time getting to know him. i hope you like it.

ciao! -jg

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