Episode 138: Ricky Ray Jackson

does anyone remember laughter?

hello everyone! i hope this podcast find you well. there's a lot going on here at "how did i get here?". we're changing our logo and looking into a new website that will house, "all things johnny". it can be a place where you can find the latest episode of the podcast, listen to my latest songs, find out where skyrocket is playing next and where and when i'll be playing. so, we'll keep you up on what's going on...

our guest for episode 138 is pedal steel/guitar player, ricky ray jackson. i've known ricky for about 7 years and i've always liked him a lot. he always makes me laugh and he is extremely talented. you might know ricky from playing with, hayes carll, craig finn (the hold steady), bruce robison and most recently, alejandro escovedo. i was glad i was able to sit down and talk to ricky. it's a great conversation. i hope you enjoy it. i did.

ciao! -jg

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