Episode 147: Black Taxi

city mouse becomes country mouse.

hello friends! i hope you're doing well. i am. i had a good weekend off. laid low friday and saturday then spent all day sunday having a great time. brunch, cocktails, house party. i have a song due for the songwriting game... i need to start and finish it. definitely tomorrow. i'm getting ready for the liars & saints show coming up at antone's next month. i get a lot of email about that band due to our appearance on the television show, "48 hours". we haven't played since sxsw 2012. i have no idea if we'll play afterwards. i guess we'll all have to stay-tuned and see what happens. either way, i'm excited to get in a room with those guys (and girl) and rock that shit!

do you like our new logo? it was made by the amazingly talented, allyson lipkin. you should hire to make your stuff too. here's her website lipstingmedia.com/

my guests for episode 147 is new york band, black taxi. the four members of black taxi have relocated to austin for two months to write and record new songs and play shows regionally including a residency at austin club, the parish for the month of february. my friend jake and i drove out to their home/studio in the country. they played me some great new songs then we sat down talked about the austin stay, writing songs, what keeps them together, touring, recording, how they feel about all of that and much, much more. also, after the interview i did, we have a special flashback interview from sxsw 2012 with ezra from black taxi and samantha rex from the attic ends. i had a great time hanging out with the guys at their new compound. check out the photos jake took at our facebook page. they're talented musicians and songwriters, thoughtful, smart and very nice. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.

ciao! -jg

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