Episode 148: Amanda Cevallos

any oscar predictions? tweet 'em at me. @johnnygoudie

hello my friends! what's happening? i got to see a great show last night black taxi played at the parish. they only have one more week on their residency so if you're in austin, i suggest you go see them next week... before you're sad you didn't. and if you haven't yet, check out episode 147 with black taxi. i'm going to play the house of blues in houston with skyrocket! this weekend. our vacation is over. i'm ready to get back to work. what are you doing for the oscars? i'm going to my neighbor's place. i just got a text saying it's going to be a taco bar scene for food. follow me on twitter that night. i'll be venting.

my guest for episode 148 is country singer/songwriter, amanda cevallos. i have heard about amanda for a while. a few weeks ago i went and checked out her band at the broken spoke here in austin. it was great! people were two-stepping (which i need to learn), the band was great and so was she. anyway, she came over the next day and we chatted about her journey which as it turns out, is a little less country and a little more rock and roll. it was a surprise to me, but i'll spare you the spoiler. i had a great time getting to know amanda and i recorded it just for you. i hope you enjoy it.

ciao! -jg

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