Episode 15: The Coveters (recorded in front of a live audience)

i'm very sorry for the delay. i had all day on friday to do this, but the internet was down in my hotel while they made an "upgrade"... it came back on 20 minutes before i had to be at my gig. anyway, i had a good weekend. i played a lot this week and then i officiated cory glaeser's (author of our theme song) wedding on sunday and last night i played at an elvis costello tribute night.

episode 15 features the coveters live in front of an audience, suzanna choffel, warren hood, michael kincaid, brad houser, wayne sutton and jeff botta! we had a blast doing it and i learned a lot about the band. i'm really looking forward to the next live one! enjoy the coveters. here are some pictures from our live podcast! http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150309753652352.342684.685497351&type=3 ciao, jg

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