Episode 159: Will Knaak

hello my friends! how are you today? i can't believe it's already april. can you? time is flying by... am i doing enough with my life? what's going on here? am i nuts? i am looking forward to pool weather and pool parties and bringing that back. do you have a pool? do you live a reasonable distance from my house? i've already started my "pool party 2013" ipod playlist... i'm about 20 songs in. any suggestions for my mix? tweet them at me. i'm @johnnygoudie on twitter.

hey! if you live in houston, come out to the continental club this friday, april 5th. i'll be playing with SKYROCKET! seriously, come out. it's a scene.

my guest for episode 159 is accomplished guitar player and singer/songwriter, will knaak. will started out playing guitar early and found himself onstage with legends and getting accepted by them at the age of 11. i met will a few years ago through playing with liars & saints and i've always found him to be a sweet and funny guy. i got the chance to play with him a few weeks ago during those liars & saints reunion shows. he played lap steel and i'm pretty sure he'll playing with us every time we play. will's been in the sideman/guitar player position for some pretty high-profile bands for over a decade and he's only 28 years old. he's about to start recording a solo album, so i asked him to stop by and chat. well he did and it turns out, he has had an extremely interesting life. music has actually saved his life and he plays like it has. i really like will and what he's about. i think you will too.

find out more about will and his kickstarter campaign at willknaak.com

ciao! -jg

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