Episode 161: Danny Crooks

hello my friends! i hope you're all feeling fantastic and loving the spring. i sure am. i had a great weekend of shows and good times with good friends. while we were in houston i had the chance to do a podcast with my friend, fellow podcaster and stand-up comic, rob mungle. look for that next week.   so, an all around fabulous weekend. hey! if you're interested and you live in austin or houston, SKYROCKET! will be playing some shows this week. you can find out where and when by going to skyrockettheband.com and checking the dates page.

my guest for episode 161 is my outspoken old friend and former club owner, danny crooks. danny was the was the owner of steamboat and the patriarch of a scene that was born out of his club. these bands included, breedlove, vallejo, bob schneider's various bands, sister 7, will sexton, billy white and many, many more. danny is retired from the club scene and taken his kingdom to a small town on the outskirts of austin. i went out to danny's place to sit down and chat about his life and document a specific scene that took place in austin in the 90's... and i was a part of it. my band, mr. rocket baby started our thursday night residency in may of 1993. so, we talk about his wild journey through the bar business and his life. i have a great affection for danny and i miss sitting around shooting the shit with him, so it was nice to hang out again. i hope you enjoy this conversation. i did.

ciao! -jg

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