Episode 164: Robyn Ludwick

our thoughts and prayers this week are with our friends in boston, ma and west, tx.

hello friends! i hope you are all doing well. it's been a pretty intense week. tomorrow is 4/20.. they're having a reggae festival tomorrow here in austin. that seems pretty apropos for austin. there's actually a slogan, "keep austin weird". hey man. i get it. but if you have to focus on that, how weird are you gonna be? what kind of worthwhile weirdness is forced and premeditated? "hey everyone! before you leave the house, don't forget to be weird. check your clothes. how weird do you look?" maybe they should make the cops wear tie-dyed uniforms. make the city council wear those weird wigs. half of the town already has zz-top beards or wax mustaches. isn't that weird enough? also, i think i'm naturally pretty weird. i'd actually like to be more normal.

my guest for episode 164 is singer/songwriter extraordinaire, robyn ludwick! robyn has been a critically acclaimed artist since since the release of her first album just under a decade ago. her last album, "out of these blues" was in the top 10 of most texas top tens... produced by gurf morlix (our guest on episode 123 ) and featuring a slew of great guests including my SKYROCKET! bandmate, trish murphy. anyway, she just went back into the studio with gurf and she took some time to stop by the apartment and have a chat. we talked about her triumphant journey. from her humble beginnings as a poor kid in bandera, tx, growing up the little sister of texas music legends, charlie and bruce robison, marrying young, working in bars, going to college, becoming an engineer, becoming and being a mom and finally, stepping out of the shadow of her family as a late-blooming, yet fully-formed songwriter. i had a great time getting to know robyn. i'm sure you will too. she has a great story.

ciao! -jg

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