Episode 169: Mark Pryor

happy birthday to our guest, mark pryor!!!

hello my friends! i hope you are all doing well. i'm good. i've had some equipment failure this week making this podcast come out a day late. sorry about that. i've fixed the situation and we're back online. i had a great show this last monday at the saxon pub. i'm looking forward to my other shows this month. you can find them on my facebook page. also, we hope to see you this coming monday, may 13th 7 pm at the saxon pub in austin, tx  for a live podcast recording with the edison chair and david cotton... do it!!!!

our guest for episode 169 is author/assistant d.a./blogger, mark pryor. i met mark because he was the lead prosecutor on my mom's murder trial. after that intense experience we stayed in touch and have become friends. he just released his third book, the crypt thief , this week. in fact, this is the third book he's released since october! an amazing feat. anyway, mark came by the apartment and we talked about everything, growing up in the country, boarding school, journalism, moving to the u.s., being a lawyer, riding with cops, my mom's trial and much, much more. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.

ciao! -jg

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