Episode 176: Molly McAleer

if you o.d. at a phish concert, call the JAMBULANCE!

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well. i am. i've had a good week. i just went running and did some laundry. pretty productive, huh? i played a solo show this week at the saxon pub here in austin... i had a great time. i was joined on stage by my friends, todd v. wolfson (on kazoo), jeremy nail and kurt neumann from the bodeans! it was great. i had a blast playing my songs and i'm looking forward to doing more. hey! we have a live podcast coming up on june 19th at strange brew in austin, tx. my guests will be nakia, jazz mills, the boxing lesson and more! if you're here, you should come out! we're going to be giving away some prizes and taking some audience questions. also, these are all very entertaining people who you can count on for a good time. seriously, come out!

my guest for episode 176 is molly mcaleer. molly is an internet personality, a writer for the cbs comedy hit, "two broke girls" and co-founder of the extremely popular website, hellogiggles.com. i met molly through a co-worker of hers while she was in town writing. we hit it off, became fast friends and had some great hangs while she was here. the day before molly left, i went to her apt and we sat down and talked about her life. she has a great story and she is an extremely entertaining person. i wish she lived here. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.

ciao! -jg

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