Episode 183: Elizabeth Mcqueen

hello friends! i hope this podcast finds you happy and enjoying your life. things are good here. i had a nice weekend. i spent some time with my dogs, saw some great comedy and music and i saw the pussy riot documentary. look up pussy riot. seriously. their story is unbelievable. right now, i'm getting ready to go see the movie "a band called death" and see death perform and i'm going to their soundcheck... they have an amazing story. i'm looking forward to this awesome experience.

hey! i want to remind you that if you're in austin, i'll be playing a solo show this thursday, june 27th at 8pm at the saxon pub. come on out. i'll sing you some songs, tell you some stories and entertain you until you're satisfied. do it!

my guest for episode 183 is asleep at the wheel's amazingly talented, elizabeth mcqueen. elizabeth not only plays with asleep at the wheel, she has a solo career, children and is married to her bandmate! i didn't know her when we booked this thing, but through the conversation, i think we became pals! we talk about her upbringing, travels, moving to austin, her solo career, joining asleep at the wheel, touring with her husband and family, our love for maron, older dudes/younger chicks, writing songs, "closet drapers", "the laziest girl in town", her new album and just how she balances all of this stuff and maintains. she's a great hang. hopefully,  we'll be talking to her husband, david sanger soon. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i sure did.

ciao! -jg

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