Episode 186: Katie Holmes

hello folks! i hope this podcast finds you well. i've had a good couple of days... i've played shows, did a show where i told a story with a bunch of other people telling stories. good times! our former guest william harries graham wrote a nice story about me and the podcast in the austinchronicle.com click HERE to read it! it looks like we're going to be doing another LIVE podcast... stay tuned for details.

my guest for episode 186 is the very talented fiddle playing singer/songwriter, katie holmes. katie just put out a new album, "the red balloon".  it's fantastic! i saw play a couple of months ago at my friend, todd wolfson's monthly jam at monkey nest here in austin. i was totally blown away at her level of talent. her songs and how she approached the songs she didn't write. i reached out to her and invited her on the show and we talked about everything... starting on fiddle at 5 years old, growing up spending time with fiddle greats, playing shows, making "the red balloon", her summer jam and much, much more. i hope you enjoy getting to know katie as much as i did.

ciao! -jg

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