Episode 19: Johnny Vogelsang (Suzanna Choffel and many more)

my friend, bruce machart's second book, "men in the making",  came out yesterday! it's a collection of short stories and he's currently on tour promoting it by doing readings at bookstores. he's coming over tonight and we're going to do a podcast, so you'll get to hear from him soon! this is our first remote episode using the new field recorder. there were birds everywhere so the interview has this tropical feel...

episode 19 features my friend, johnny vogelsang. i don't really know when i met johnny. i remember being around him when we both lived in houston in '89 and '90. after i moved to austin and started mr. rocket baby, our bands did a lot of shows together. even a residency for around a year at the famous, steamboat on 6th street. johnny's a working bass player/teacher/student. in this episode, johnny v. tells us how he got here and i hope you enjoy it.

ciao! -jg

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