Episode 192: Riders Against The Storm

hello my friends! i hope this podcast finds you enjoying the summer. it's hot in texas. i spent the weekend traveling around texas playing some shows with SKYROCKET!. dallas on thursday, houston on friday and austin on saturday. they were all good shows. i was also on a couple of podcasts. one was austin sessions, that was fun. the other was a "game night" episode of the hodgecast. it's already up. it was really fun. there were 8 people playing a star trek themed mystery game and a lot of booze. hey! speaking of podcasts...

hey folks! do you love "how did i get here?" and wish you could get just a little more involved? well, if you're in austin, tx on july 31st, you totally can! come out to the legendary antone's nightclub and watch me talk to christy hayes and members of western youth and the love leighs. after the live podcast recording @ 7:30, you can stay and hear the bands you just got to know! if you're in austin, come out and join us for this special night. https://www.facebook.com/events/131683847041129/

my guests for episode 192 are the amazing hip-hop duo, riders against the storm. i really love this group and their new, self-titled e.p.. i had been looking forward to having this conversation for a while and i'm glad it finally happened. chaka and tiger came by the apartment and we got right to it. talking about what they're trying to get across with their music and message, how you can work out the heaviest things by singing and dancing, growing up artsy in a law family, growing up haitian in new york, providence, rhode island, theater, performance art, how they met, their music, moving to texas, making their e.p. and much, much more. i thoroughly enjoyed meeting them and talking to them. they're very special people with a beautiful musical vision. i hope you listen and buy this e.p. they have a show on friday, august 3rd at the sahara lounge in austin, tx. the show is called "body rock" and it's a party... here's a link https://www.facebook.com/events/550986244936993/ i'm going. i'll see you there!

ciao! jg

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