Episode 199: Mixtape 2. 11 songs from the last 100 episodes

hello friends! well, we're here... episode 199: mixtape. have you been looking for new music? do you like the music you hear on the show? well, i've chosen 11 songs at random from artists that have been on the last 100 shows and put them on here for your enlightenment and enjoyment. i chose songs from bands you might not know that i really loved from the show. the show includes music from wild child, sphynx, glen phillips (toad the wet sprocket), oh look out!, gurf morlix, jazz mills, riders against the storm, adam sultan, emily bell, dragon boy suede (howard kremer) and no way josie. please let me know what you think. you can tweet at me @johnnygoudie or like our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/How-Did-I-Get-Here/255200761176138 

thank you so much for listening. it really means a lot to me. thank you to everyone who's supported me through this. and a very special thank you to all of the artists that come on the show and share their lives and their music. remember, if you hear something you like, go buy it! it makes a difference. i love you guys!

ciao! -jg

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