Episode 202: Charlie Faye Returns

hello friends! i hope you're all in tip top shape and ready to take on the world. i've had a crazy week this week. played a corporate team building event in the woodlands. i played last night at this place called steiner ranch with skyrocket! you can see the lake from the stage and it's almost all dried up. the reason i bring it up is because all night i started thinking, "what's happening? is this the end of life? does the water just dry up and then BOOM! we all die?" i know. it's crazy but sometimes i get filled with dread about the end of time. i'll stop here...

my guest for episode 202 is singer/songwriter, charlie faye. charlie is making her second appearance on the show. she just put out a new album, you were fine, you weren't even lonely. apparently it's doing well on the americana charts. anyway, charlie stopped by and we got caught up. we talked about break-ups, her new album, her tour and anything else you might want to know.  hope you enjoy it. 

ciao! -jg

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