Episode 206: Chris Taylor

fight fear, make art.

hello friends! i hope you're all doing the best that you can. i am getting my shit together this morning to leave town. i'm playing with SKYROCKET! at the house of blues in houston tonight. i finally got my car back yesterday afternoon. your life changes drastically when your car goes in the shop and you don't have wheels anymore. everything you do takes a lot more thought and planning. it's exhausting. anyway, i'm glad to have my car back and i'm ready to drive to houston. what's up?!?!

my guest for episode 206 is singer/songwriter and visual artist, chris taylor! i've known chris a few years... maybe 9 or 10 i think. anyway, i've always liked him he's a super sweet and extremely talented guy. i am a fan of his music and his art. i was in boenre, tx a few weeks ago for a gig, so in between sound check and the show, we sat down at some picnic benches and got caught up over tamales. we talked about christian rock, love comas, dave stewart, brent bougeois, fighting fear by making art, music, visual art and much, much more. he also made me a piece of art that hangs on my wall in my studio. thanks chris! cheis taylor is a true talent and and i really enjoyed our conversation. i'm sure you will too. 

ciao! -jg

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