Episode 207: Dana Rossi

what's up my friends? i am okay. i have some kind of cold or allergies or something that's fucking up my head. i've taken dayquill, so i'm a little kooky. that stuff makes me feel like i've taken some low-grade acid which s fine with me. i don't have the fortitude or patience to do acid anymore. i've been reaching out to some folks today to be on the show so hopefully in the months to come, i'll bring you some shows that you have been asking for. look out for those....

my guest for episode 207 is podcaster/writer/music fan, dana rossi. dana is the producer and host of the new york city based, soundtrack series podcast! it's a great show! i was on it a few months ago when they recorded a live one here in austin. here's a link to the soundtrack series podcast www.soundtrackseries.com anyway, dana stopped by when she flew in from new york a few weeks ago to record another episode of the soundtrack series and we talked about everything, dating the amish, phili, new york, theater people, acting, singing, what's the right cheese steak place, music, her amazing podcast and much, much more. i had a great time getting to know dana. i'm sure you will too. 

ciao! -jg

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