Episode 208: OXBLVD

hello my friends! i hope this episode finds you alive and kicking! i'm fighting some kind of cold thing... it's been happening every couple of months and i discuss my theories about why on the show. i just got home from a skyrocket show. good show. i met a nice kid. he was funny. i met a cable access guy from the 90's. that was cool. also, i'm thinking about having a birthday party...

my guests for episode 208 are the awesome australian band, OXBLVD (pronounced ox blood)! they're in austin doing a residency at the sahara lounge on wednesday nights for a couple of more weeks. they're a great band and really nice people. they came by the apartment and we talked about australia, surfing, american music, teenage cookbooks, inxs, the law, docimentaries and much, much more! i had a great time talking to these guys. i hope you enjoy getting to know my new friends, OXBLVD.

ciao! -jg

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