Episode 212: Tessa Torrence

hello people! welcome to episode 212! i hope you are all doing splendidly in your lives. things are going well. i'm a bit hungover this morning. yesterday was my birthday and i had a party last night. it was great, but i got pretty drunk. no problem, i wasn't driving. i heard i was getting a kindle fire from my aunt and grandma and now i'm fantasizing about all the books i'll read. why would i read more because i had a kindle? i don't know, but i really think i will. i'll let you know. does anyone have any suggestions? 

we've gotten some new listeners. welcome to the show. i'm glad you've started tuning in. if you'd like to know what going on with all things "how did i get here?", please go "like" our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/How-Did-I-Get-Here/255200761176138 and you'll get updates, photos and nuggets of wisdom. 

my guest for episode 212, is my dear friend, singer/songwriter, tessa torrence. tessa just released her first album, feel no evil, in august. the album was produced and co-written by kurt neuman of the bodeans. (who is also her dad) she's gotten some radio support, made a couple of videos and she seems to be navigating this new music business with a calm and steady hand. tessa and i are good friends. we hang out, talk on the phone and i know her family. but i had no idea about her harrowing childhood. so, tessa came by a while back, and we sat down and talked about everything, what went into her new album, drugs, a crazy childhood, making an album with your dad, chris lord alge and much, much more. tessa made a great album, she has an interesting story and she's a great hang. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did. 

ciao! -jg

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