Episode 216: Dave Prewitt

hello people! i hope you're all doing well. i've been playing a lot this week with skyrocket.we  played last night (monday) we don't normally play corporate parties during the week, but this week, we have two which is great. the one we played last night had a mechanical bull. it was an insurance company, so there were about 6 people who rode it during the six hour party. a mechanical bull really seems a lot easier to ride when you're watching people do it... much harder when you do it yourself. i've ridden one before. my aunt actually got married during the "urban cowboy" craze and had one at their wedding. i think me and my friends monopolized it. i was 11.

my guest for episode 216 is videographer, dave prewitt. you can find dave's work by going to davetv.org. i've been friends with him since the early 90's when he had two extremely popular access tv music shows, "rawtime" and "capzeyez". i watched those shows every chance i had. i was on the shows a few times and always had a blast. anyway, dave did tons of interviews with locals bands, national touring bands and he was the last person to interview bill hicks. dave has always been involved with exposing people to new music and helping bands get "out there" in front of people. you can see a lot of his work if you go to davetv.org. i enjoyed hearing the stories of access and how he's transitioned to the internet age. i'm sure you will too. 

ciao! -jg

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