Episode 217: Shelley King

hello my friends! i hope you all had a good halloween. i didn't do much. i stayed in. anyway, i'm running behind today. rocktober is over and i think i'm going to not shave for the month of november to bring awareness to male health issues. are you down? i wish my beard wasn't white. i've played some private shows this week with SKYROCKET! it's been a good time. except for the flash-flooding on wednesday. jake lost his car in the flood. i talk all about it on this episode.

my guest for episode 217 is singer/songwriter, shelley king! i've known who shelley is and i've heard her music over the years, but i've never gotten to sit down and talk to her. well, she came by the apartment a couple of weeks ago and we talked about everything.. rehearsing at the rock center in houston, the music scene in houston, carolyn wonderland, japan, getting a song recorded by nancy sinatra, colorado weed laws, recording with the subdudes and much, much more. i had a great time getting to know shelley. i know you will too.

ciao! -jg

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